Ipsos in Romania: Ipsos Interactive Services and Ipsos Research


Main contacts

Ipsos Interactive Services

Oliviero Marchese, IIS Europe and Global Respondent, Access and Engagement President
Ramona Vlad, Global HR IT, IIS & Operations Vice President

Monica Manole, Global IT Operations & Infrastructure President
Diana Iorga, Production Senior Vice President
Oana Zapca, Quotation Europe Vice President
Alina Serbanica, Global RAES (Respondent, Access & Engagement) Platforms, Methods & Best Practices Senior Vice President

Ipsos Research

Alina Stepan, Managing Director
Loredana Ionel, Head of Business Development
Dorian Cazacu, Head of Quantitative Research
Cristina Craciun, Head of Qualitative Research
Cristina Morariu, Head of Operations


319 Independentei Boulevard, Sema City 1, 3rd-4th floor,
060032, Bucharest,
Tel.:  +40 31 220 4000
Fax: +40 31 220 4569
ro-office@ipsos.com (for Ipsos Romania Reception)
RoQualQuotation@ipsos.com (for Qualitative research requests & consultancy)
RoQuantQuotation@ipsos.com (for Quantitative research requests & consultancy)
RoOpsQuotation@ipsos.com (for Field & Tab/Data collection only projects).

17 C-4, Mihail Kogalniceanu St.
500173 Brasov,
Tel.:  +40 31 220 4000
Fax:  +40 36 822 4822
E-mail: ro-office_bv@ipsos.com

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