What we do

One activity, five specialisations

Our activity consists in asking the right questions, i.e. those that enable the people we interview to express their opinions, desires and expectations. It also consists in observing, listening and analysing; this is what our experts in qualitative research do everyday.

Ipsos implements this know-how allied with new technologies in its five specialisations.

We explore market potential and market trends. We test products and advertising. We help our clients build long term relationships with customers. We study audiences and their perceptions of various media. We measure public opinion trends around the globe.

Our specialisations are served by five global brands recognized in all major markets:

Ipsos Connect - The Media and Brand Expression Research Specialists
(Ipsos ASI and Ipsos MediaCT merge into Ipsos Connect)

Ipsos Marketing - The Innovation and Brand Strategy Specialists

Ipsos Public Affairs - The Social Research and Corporate Reputation Specialists
Ipsos Loyalty
 - The Customer and Employee Research Specialists
Ipsos Observer - The Survey Management, Data Collection and Delivery Specialists

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