New Research Tools From Ipsos ASI Offer Holistic Approach To Advertising Research

Next*360 and CampaignLab Give Advertisers the Power to Optimize Multi-media Campaigns

Toronto, ON – The advertising research specialists at Ipsos, a leading survey-based market research firm, have introduced two new tools to help marketers assess the potential impact of their advertising and communications campaigns. Next*360 and CampaignLab are the latest offerings from Ipsos ASI and have been specifically designed to evaluate and optimize multi-media communications prior to final execution.

"Successful advertising connects your brand message with your target audience, but with so many ways to communicate, it can be difficult to know if you are breaking through and connecting," says Jacquie Matthews, President of Ipsos ASI Canada. "With these new Ipsos tools, advertisers gain a better understanding of how potential campaigns will succeed across multiple streams of media before investing in expensive media buys. We ta