Elissa Mosses

Elissa Moses is executive vice president, Neuroscience and Emotion, Ipsos


The State Of Neuroscience

In a recent article in Marketing Daily, Elissa Moses, Head of our Neuroscience & Emotion Centre of Excellence, explains how complementary neurosciences (unconscious, emotional consumer response) and research (rational and cognitive response) are.

And she outlines what each neuro tool is especially good for….

  • Biometrics: Stabile and sensitive measure of emotional engagement; provides great specificity and overall effect; consumer-‐friendly, scalable.
  • Facial Coding: Passive measurement for type of emotional response and emotional valence; secondary indicator of emotional engagement; easy to integrate into surveys; scalable.
  • EEG: Highly sensitive measure of engagement and emotional valence. Provides great specificity. Less consumer friendly and scalable depending upon equipment used.
  • Eye Tracking: Attention and interest; patterns of observation; what is seen, in what order and for how long with great specificity; consumer-‐friendly and scalable; now available on line, in-‐store, etc.
  • Implicit: Understanding unconscious perceptions and impact of stimuli on brands, sensitive for differentiating between brands and ads on key attributes and drivers; easy to include in surveys, scalable and consumer friendly.
  • fMRI: Most sensitive neuro tool relied upon in academic labs for exploratory research on emotional, response, engagement and memory; most expensive, least scalable.

Read the full article – Contact: Elissa.Moses@ipsos.com

June 2013

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