Customer & Employee Relationships: Ipsos Loyalty

Ipsos Loyalty specialises in all matters relating to measuring, modelling and enhancing customer relationships and employee engagement. Ipsos Loyalty helps our clients face the huge challenge of managing the customer experience and optimising this to maximise customer value.

Customer Experience / Enterprise Feedback Management More and more clients are using Ipsos’ Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) solutions as the best way to improve customer satisfaction and to have access to the voice of the customer. Read more
Customer Experience and Satisfaction Tracking Ipsos’ satisfaction tracking can be used either globally or locally in all sectors. Our solution has proven results as we integrate online tracking with web listening.
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Customer Relationship Management Customer Relationship programs evaluate the holistic brand relationship strength and identify which parts of the overall customer experience need to be improved and which will provide the greatest return on investment. Read more
Mystery Shopping Ipsos’ mystery shopping is about getting fast and fresh results into a business to drive discovery and service improvement – across all customer touchpoints. Read more
Customer Experience and Quality Measurement for Automotive Ipsos offers deep-dive customer experience surveys and benchmark studies for automotive clients. Read more
Employee Engagement What is the level of engagement of your teams? Read more
Leadership & Organisational culture How to define a leadership model and values that are aligned with your strategy? Read more