Alcohol Consumption Tracker (ACT)

Tracking consumers' alcohol consumption during the course of a full month, across all categories, brands, and types of occasions

Client context

  • What does drinking behaviour look like within a full month?
  • How do my brands compare with competitors?
  • Where are the White Spaces to develop my brands?
  • How loyal are my consumers to the brand and category?
  • What does the Drinking Journey look like, from beginning to end?
  • How do I target the most profitable consumer groups?
  • What types of occasions drive volume for my brands?

Our solutions

Brand Analysis

  • A full view of consumer and occasion profiles for your brands and the competitive set
  • Penetration and volume share data

White Space Analysis

  • An in-depth view of how your portfolio performs across key drinking occasions and demographic groups
  • Gaps prioritized based on the size of the gap and volume potential

Loyalty Analysis

  • Loyalty measures for all brands of interest
  • Opportunities to improve loyalty across occasions and consumer groups

Journey Analysis

  • An assessment of Drinking Journeys that can occur across various venues, circumstances and drinker segments

Target Group Analysis

  • Identify consumer groups that represent the most opportunity
  • Understand key consumers’ behaviour and habits
  • Apply your proprietary segmentation to ACT data

Occasion Analysis

  • Full profile of consumption behaviour for specific occasions
  • Understanding of consumer profiles for various drinking occasions

Case studies

In a syndicated study, costs are shared among a specified group of study subscribers. Each subscriber will receive a comprehensive report on the findings of their particular subject of interest.

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