Generation Ipsos 2017 │ You Are the Best Future

23 August 2017

Generation Ipsos 2017 │ You Are the Best Future

Wednesday, August 23rd 2017 was extraordinary, not because it was when “Typhoon Tiange” paralyzed the traffic of entire Guangzhou and Shenzhen; it was right the day when all Ipsos new comers went to Shanghai for training!

GI recruits started their journey at a loss. Nevertheless, whatever deserves to own also deserves the time to wait! Hindered by “Typhoon Tiange”, our peers from Guangzhou and Shenzhen made a detour to Wuhan, covering half the area of China before they finally landed in Shanghai. The good news was, we met our “boss” the next day!

Lifeng Liu, Ipsos China Chairman and CEO, shared with us the whole picture of the industry and the profile of Ipsos, a wonderful prelude for 2017 GI to kick off. Also we were excited to meet the ultra-luxury group of instructors!

Life is like a box of chocolates. You never knew which instructor was more amazing, as surprises followed one another. There was David Rao, “King of Quotable Lines,” Gerry Tian and Jennie Xie, expert with atmosphere-driven activities, Ray Wang, who used cooking and making steamed buns as a metaphor for type of sampling, Bing Sun, a talent in data, and Andrea Xiao, the best story-teller. During the dinner, BU predecessors and the last generation of GI members shared their story of being a recruit.

The 2-day training, short but inspiring, was the start of the one-year training session, when one can have a good understanding of the industry, the times, the work, and possible hardships to encounter.


Before the departure, one colleague wrote:

I learn about experience of those before me

I know I am not alone

I am ready to dare difficulties

Thank you, 2017 GI


Perhaps, we cry when we are tired after working overtime

Perhaps, we begin to doubt about life when scolded by the client

Perhaps, we feel at loss and start from zero

But we are keeping growing, from 0 to 1, bit by bit. When the report is adopted by the client, when we are praised for our efforts, the joy and sense of accomplishment are beyond the word.

Do not stop because of fear. Behind us, there is a strong team of instructors, the helpful colleagues, and GI people fighting with you. We grow up with Ipsos.

GI training has just begun, and we are ready to learn more! Come on!