Ipsos Encyclopedia

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Data Fusion

Data fusion is the practice by which two or more separate data sources are brought together to form a single database that contains all the previously separate information.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Data Collection Instrument

​The tool(s) or software that are used to collect the answers given by respondents in such a way that they can be analysed.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Dummy Variables

Data typically generated by a Scriptwriter or Quality Assurance role, that randomly generates answers real respondents would.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Data Privacy

Data privacy, also called information privacy, is concerned with the processing of personal data and applies to anyone involved in the collection, processing and use of market research data.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Day After Recall

Advertising Recall measured one day after ad exposure, usually for a television commercial, following a standard series of prompts and probes to identify the specific commercial of interest, record specifically what is remembered, and quantify the number of viewers able to recall the ad correctly.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Data Collection

​The collection of answers to a set of questions, conducted via any interviewing method.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Differentiation

Differentiation is defined as the 'Extent to which a product (or brand) has a unique benefits against competition' within the corresponding product category or categories.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Degrees of Freedom

Degrees of Freedom (DF) refers to the total number of responses that are free to vary when calculating a statistic (e.g., a t-test).

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Dual Moderator Group

​A focus group where 2 qualified moderators facilitate the discussion together.