Ipsos Encyclopedia

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Patient Journey Research

Patient Journey Research: the patient journey refers to the sequence of stages undertaken by any given patient: origination; evaluation/diagnosis; treatment choice/preferences; fulfilment; and compliance/adherence.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Prompted Awareness

Prompted Awareness (aka Aided Awareness) is the percentage of respondents who claim to have seen something (eg a brand or an advert) after having been shown some form of stimulus material.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Projective Techniques

Aka Enabling Techniques - At the very heart of qualitative research, projective and enabling techniques bring alive the power of the craft through fun games and exercises.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Peoplemeter (aka Audimeter)

Peoplemeters electronically record who is watching TV and what they are watching.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Purchase Intentions

Purchase intent is one of the most long-standing and widely used measures in marketing research.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Product Optimisation

In a broad sense, 'product optimisation' is any kind of change that leads to increased consumer liking of a product. More specifically, product optimisation is a tool of Ipsos which has a precise definition.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Paired Comparison Scale

​A paired comparison scale is used to understand the preference of a respondent between two alternative products, concepts, i.e. stimuli.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Product Placement Test

Product Placement Study: The test product is placed in the households of target-market consumers to use the product as they would normally use that type of product.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Product Testing

Product Testing, also called consumer testing or comparative testing, is a process of measuring the properties or performance of products.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Penalty Analysis

Penalty Analysis: with reference to product testing and used specifically with "Just Right" scales, a statistical approach that provides an assessment of the impact or influence of a number of product characteristics on ratings of overall product acceptance (e.g., overall liking).