Board of directors 

The members of the Board of Directors are as follows:


Directors holding an executive office within the Ipsos group:

Didier Truchot

Ipsos Chairman 

Chief Executive Officer


Jennifer Hubber

Country Manager, Ipsos in Italy

Laurence Stoclet

Ipsos Deputy CEO

Chief Financial Officer


Directors who do not hold an executive office within the Ipsos group and that have special ties with the Ipsos SA, the Ipsos group or its Management:

Xavier Coirbay

Henry Letulle


Independent Directors (as defined by the AFEP-MEDEF Corporate Governance Code):

Patrick Artus

Florence von Erb

Anne Marion-Bouchacourt

Mary Dupont-Madinier

Neil Janin

Rules of procedure of the Board of directors (French)



Didier Truchot

Ipsos Chairman & CEO

founder of the Group in 1975    


Gary Bennewies

Chief Talent Officer


Darrell Bricker

CEO Ipsos Public Affairs


Christophe Cambournac

CEO Asia-Pacific 


Lauren Demar

Deputy CEO Ipsos Marketing


Shane Farrell

CEO Europe, Middle East & Africa


Ralf Ganzenmueller

CEO Ipsos Loyalty


Sheryl Goodman

Group General Counsel


Brian Gosschalk

Head of President’s Office


Alex Gronberger

CEO Latin America


Pierre Le Manh

Ipsos Deputy CEO,

Chairman and CEO North America

CEO Ipsos Marketing

Lifeng Liu

Chairman & CEO China


Dean Luker

Corporate Development Director


Ben Page

CEO UK & Ireland


Judith Passingham

CEO Ipsos Interactive Services & Operations


Neville Rademeyer

Global CIO


Laurence Stoclet

Ipsos Deputy CEO

Chief Financial Officer


Carlo Stokx

CEO Western Continental Europe

Chief of Innovation and technology


Henri Wallard

Ipsos Deputy CEO, Chairman of Ipsos Loyalty,

Ipsos Public Affairs, Ipsos Science Centre,

Ipsos Laboratories, Neurosciences &

Ipsos Knowledge Centre