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Apply below to join Ipsos MORI as a new or experienced face-to-face market research interviewer.

Looking for a change?

Do you enjoy meeting people? Finding out about their lives, habits and tastes? Are you a good listener?


If you are confident and enjoy meeting people, join our panel of Market Research Interviewers where you can enjoy a variety of interesting work. We can offer a continuous work pattern and you’ll receive good rates of pay.


Ipsos MORI is one of the largest Market and Social Research organisations in the UK. Almost every day a new opinion poll or survey hits the headlines. A large number of these surveys are conducted face-to-face by a Market Research Interviewer in the street or in people’s homes.


As a face-to-face Interviewer you will carry out surveys on behalf of many different clients including local and central government, the media, and a range of companies and charities.


Market research is certainly not a job for the introverted. It involves knocking on people’s doors and asking them to tell you, for example, which newspapers and magazines they read, the financial products they have or what they think of their local government.


Much of the work is done in the evenings and weekends as this is when people are more likely to be home, increasing your response rates and therefore the pay you receive!


Interviewers come from all walks of life and are given training before starting work on ‘live’ projects. Most of your interviews will be conducted using a laptop computer, so we’ll provide additional training on this, as well as training on the specific projects you’ll be working on.


You will be working mostly on your own, so being self-motivated and having good organisational skills are essential. You’ll be able work with a certain amount of flexibility, as long as the assignment is completed on time and you’ll have regular contact with your regional management team for continued support.


The basic requirements are:

  • To be able to work at least 2+ days per week, preferably more
  • To be able to work 6 hours per day, mostly afternoons/evenings and weekends
  • Use of a car is essential, unless you have access to good public transport links
  • Broadband connecting via a wired router
  • Documents to verify your identity and to show you are eligible for work in the UK
  • Good communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Daily rate is based on a 6 hour working day

* Trainee hourly rate, reviewed alongside targets achieved and hours worked

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