Understand your audience in detail

Audience Measurement

Ipsos Connect measures the audiences to media such as magazines, newspapers, radio, posters, the internet and television in 70 countries. Such information is critical to advertisers needing to target their messages, to media owners pricing their advertising inventory and to the agencies that plan and buy media on behalf of advertisers.

We carry out these measurements using a range of approaches according to industry preference in each country. Ipsos has gained a reputation over the years for many innovations in audience measurement techniques – a tradition we continue today.

To find out more about our offers relating to Readership, Radio, Out-of-Home, Brands and Products, the Web and Cross-Media please contact your local Ipsos Connect representative.

Some of our major syndicated products are covered in more detail below.

AMPS,  Africa's media and product survey.

Audience Measurement: the Middle East & North Africa

BRANDpuls,  In-depth brand data for smarter marketing.

The Affluent EMS studies,  The media survey of affluent consumers in Europe, the Middle East, Latam and Africa.

EGM-Latin America,  Latin America's media and product survey.

Business Elite Survey,  The media study of the global business elite.

The Ipsos Affluent Survey : USA,  The annual media study of America's affluent consumer.

Ipsos Affluent Survey: Asia Pacific,  the media survey of Asia's affluent consumers.

LMX Syndicated Studies,  A portfolio of syndicated studies, capturing where, when and how both new and traditional media are consumed in the United States.


emma (Extended Media Metrics Australia) is Ipsos’s multi-media and product survey in Australia

Rusindex, Russia wide scale survey of goods and services consumption an