Media Planning Software and Big Data Analysis for the Digital Age

Ipsos MediaCT measures the audiences to media like magazines, newspapers, radio, posters, the internet and television in more than 60 countries. Such information is critical to advertisers needing to target their messages, to media owners pricing their advertising inventory and to the agencies that plan and buy media on behalf of advertisers.

The information in these surveys is best exploited through powerful software applications that enable users to carry out a range of analyses of the data. These include simple cross-tabulation, media vehicle rankings, campaign reach and frequency, correspondence and cluster analyses.

Ipsos offers several software packages customised to different markets including Poppy (France, Latin America), Z-Plan (Middle East & North Africa) and BRANDpuls (Balkans, Middle East). We also work with a number of third party software vendors throughout the world.

In addition to media software, Ipsos MediaCT has moved quickly into the data revolution. Whether it is our leading edge out of home measurement programs, studies applying passive measurement technologies or our work in data fusion techniques, we have built data capacities and expertise to manage truly "big" data.