Mobile interviewing

Adapting research to consumers/ customers/ citizens
Consumers habits are changing in line with the digital revolution;
Leveraging mobile enables us to conduct better research : simpler, more representative, more engaging, more insightful;
For over 10 years, Ipsos has carried out mobile research, evolving from simple SMS surveys to app-based quantitative and qualitative research and in browser online mobile surveys.
Mobile empowers research
· Mobile offers specific capabilities such as geo-triggering, photo/video capture, passive monitoring which open up new levels of respondent feedback;
Mobile diaries to understand consumer behaviour more in depth, see differences you did not see before in media consumption, product performance, services, in or out of home;
In-store /Impulse reaction research to capture the experience and its triggers before respondents post-rationalize;
Receptivity to brand communications, how respondents perceive communication when they encounter it, during campaigns, in-store, in events of just in life;
Featuring in particular Brand*Shout, our award winning methodology to provide deeper insights into all touchpoints experienced;
Faster answers and better reach - Mobile sample increases reach, speed and representivity
20 to 30% of respondents currently try to access surveys via mobile and cannot because the surveys are not mobile friendly
Mobile phones are rarely out of reach, providing
Continuous access to respondents – at home, on the go, in the store , at the event…
More natural responses – in the moment, at the time and place they buy, see, encounter, versus recall-based at the moment of our survey
More context – picture/video capture, capture of volatile elements such as emotions/moods, sensory impressions
Access to population segments who use PC’s less or never (eg. young targets)
Fast turnaround – using access to increase spedd
Research beyond responses via passive measurement.

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