Global Trends 2020

Ipsos Global Trends 2020 provides a single-source dataset of over 370 questions asked to 22,000 people in 33 markets on global opinions, attitudes and behaviours around brands, technology, society, consumerism and much more - combined with expert analysis by trend specialists.


We have analysed the data in more depth than ever, highlighting the world’s values and trends in one in-depth survey. Whether you are interested in populism, brand building, climate change, politics or social issues, you will find useful insights here.

Using advanced analytics and expert analysis on this huge data set, we have identified 12 trends and 36 values that will dominate the world in the 2020s. 

Ipsos Global Trends 2020To us, trends is about avoiding just getting more information to navigate. Instead, our objective is to help you understand complexity and to focus on activating the trends in your context to create impactful actions with the objective to drive growth.

We offer cost-effective activation packages to help you and your teams understand the trends that will affect your organisation. 


An exclusive presentation of the trends at your office. 


An exclusive presentation of the trends at your office and unlimited access to the Global Trends data portal (deep dive on markets, demographics etc.). 


A one-day activation workshop at your office to generate true impact from the trends and activate in your context. With this option you will also have unlimited access to the Global Trends data portal (deep-dive on markets, demographics etc.).

With the IMMERSION package we help you dive into the million-dollar questions and enable your organization to make better decisions:

  • Identify new white spaces / growth pockets
  • Understand how this will impact our brand identity
  • Understand how this will impact our short- and mid-term innovation ambition
  • Identify what the future may hold, by looking at people as citizens, consumers, customers and shoppers

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