Google is the most influential brand in Denmark – learn about your brand’s position and influence

Google is the most influential brand in Denmark for three consecutive years. In our report you can learn more about what has put Google on top.

Influence is an input variable. It reveals the success factors, strengths and challenges of a brand’s influence in a specific market and competitive landscape. Influence can be employed to craft brand tactics and strategies and even the best or the most influential brands can have weak spots.

Influence dictates the rules of the game: who plays and who gets ahead. It ultimately shows if brands are equipped to survive the test of time!

In this new report, we studied 100 global and local brands all present in Denmark, across all types of industries. It contains input from 1,000 consumers who represent the Danish population at large. The report uncovers not only what characteristics all influential brands have in common, but also what is causing brands to be influential currently and how brands can build influence going forward. We identify their current drivers of influence, strengths and weaknesses looking back three years.

Most influential brands Denmark | Report | Ipsos

Below you can request the FREE preview report with the #1 most influential brand, Google, as the point of departure. The report will take you through:

  • The importance of influence
  • The Top10 of the most influential brands
  • A chapter about Google – will be replaced by your brand if you buy your very own report
  • Key takeaways about brand influence 
  • Brand influence in the context of key trends 

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