How to make sustainability drive 'good' AND your business performance

Now is the time to set the agenda or you will lose the race of the competitive advantage! For that purpose we have created a short 'check-list' to understand if your business is already on top of the sustainability game and in the race for tomorrow's consumer demand.

Ipsos follow the sustainability trends and through our insights we know...

Sustainability check list

Is your company driving not only ‘good’ but also business growth through sustainability?

A lot of our clients are - and we are supporting our clients accelerate on sustainability at a very high pace. We know that sustainability raises new business questions, which is strongly reflected in the work we do with our clients. Sustainability is a complex matter, however, dealing with complexity is nothing new to the consumers nor to Ipsos. 

Complexity can present itself as a unique situation to excel and provide competitive edge. Through our work, we help acquire the necessary insights that are analysed and activating in the right way, for our clients to benefit the most. Getting to 'the right' is not easy and takes a serious portion of expertise, effort and know-how that involves serious commitment and proper investment - from our side as well as from our client’s organisations and strategy. Part of the complexity with sustainability is also that it is a never-ending journey, that is all about:

... high level corporate strategy
... continued innovation & renovation
... developing and forming brand identities
... communicating the right message & to make it through the clutter
... and much more! 

At Ipsos, we appreciate and recognise that dealing with sustainability involves a process where a confluence of factors require alignment across the business. It is a process where internal and external forces define sustainability issues and priorities. 

Sustainability factors

For sustainability to become a driver for 'good' AND for business performance, it has to be deeply rooted in the company's vision, mission & DNA elements. And only through full mix alignment, can this duality of sustainability be unlocked. 

'That is fine with all these terminologies but what does that imply?', you might ask. Let us share with you what we know at Ipsos; that corporate values, the strategic agenda, innovation and product offerings, brand positioning, and messaging, must deliver an aligned consumer and stakeholder experience to manage sustainability risks and deliver opportunities. This entails deep understanding and resolution of the conflicts and tensions within complex global supply chains, between consumer attitudes and behaviours, and among brands’ internal and external stakeholders. A fundamental issue is to speak to consumer-citizen/users/customers aspirations while still meeting (not forgetting) the more ‘normal/generic’ need for convenience, affordability and product superiority/resource efficiency.

'Okay. But how do I do that', you might ask. The answer is simply, though the path require expertise. But don’t worry - we can help you to ensure success on your journey to full mix alignment. 


Sustainability - social market context and trends


If you, like many other companies, cannot afford to not prioritize sustainability and need consultation on how this can do ‘good’ for your business as well, reach out to us and learn how we can help your business grow with sustainability. 

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“Enough with all these theoretical examples! Do you have some real-life cases?” Yes, we have! Below you will find great example of how we have helped different clients with different parts of the journey: