User Experience (UX) Research & Testing

Sometimes a small, unremarkable obstacle is enough, and users close a website or delete an app. We help you to identify these barriers in your products or services and develop specific recommendations, so you can improve the overall experience of your users.

We enable you to walk in your customers shoes, to see and experience what they see and need.
A product needs to be as intuitive as possible to be successful.

Possible questions could be:

  • Who are the users of my product / service and what are their requirements / needs?
  • How can we optimize user journeys?
  • What problems and obstacles do my users come across?
  • What specific actions can I take to improve the user experience of my product / service to be more successful?
  • How do I create a design that is both, easy to use and appealing?

With UX Research & Testing, you never lose sight of the needs of your users – from generating ideas, to design drafts and prototypes, to the finished product. With a variety of methods, our tests are effective at every point of the development process.

The continuous evaluation and removal of usability obstacles increase the satisfaction and loyalty of your users.

  • Validate your ideas with real users, minimizing the risk of costly developments in the wrong direction or changes after launching
  • Discover the potential for improvement and growth of your product. Create products and services that stand out from your competitors and take advantage of current market opportunities
  • Make sure your users stay and come back. Let us be the trusting connection between you and your users

Due to the diversity of our customers and many years of experience (since 2001), we have comprehensive expertise with diverse products and services from a variety of industries:

  • Websites, apps, online applications and software for B2C and B2B audiences
  • Controls, infotainment and driver assistance systems in the car
  • Medical products
  • Household appliances and consumer electronics (durables and brown goods)
  • Automats

We have a large international network that allows you to test with us exactly where your users are or should be in the future. Our UX teams are not only at various locations in Germany, but also in the USA and China. We are also part of the UXalliance, a network of leading UX institutions.

Your first point of contact:

UX Contact

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