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Plan and Create Content and Communications

Great content and campaigns start with ideas that resonate. Whether you are creating a big idea to guide your multi-touchpoint campaign and content or planning the most effective media strategy to reach the right audience against your core campaign objectives, Ipsos Connect provides you with the insights to do it better.

Client context

The world brands inhabit is changing rapidly. Media Fragmentation, platform proliferation and dramatic behavioural shifts make it harder for your brand to cut through and achieve attention. It is also becoming harder to determine how best to allocate scarce resources across multiple touchpoints.  Should you be moving more budget to digital platforms, or is TV still the best bet?

At the same time, the role of brands in people’s lives and the way they choose them changes more slowly. In our experience, brands that focus their efforts on creating big ideas and planning how to best achieve their campaign objectives across media win viewers’ attention and build brand desire.


Early stage communications research to empower the creation of multi-touchpoint, brand-building campaigns from powerful Big Idea 

Big Ideas are more important than ever before. Big Ideas can empower creative freedom by crystallising the strategy for all brand communications. They can lead to remarkable communications that can work across regions and formats. Ipsos Connect provides the in-depth consumer feedback on brand’s big ideas to guide tight, focused creative briefs.

Regardless of business need, brand or market, we leverage a combination of quantitative and qualitative techniques, traditional and emerging (e.g. System 1 measures, social, instant communities), to learn and iterate in an environment that nurtures and develops big ideas.
Leverage people-based insights to help make the best decisions about how to allocate funds across paid touchpoints

To help you effectively plan for your multi-touchpoint campaign, Ipsos Connect has developed an interactive portal with an interactive optimiser + online simulator that is powered by people-based insights.

Case studies

Many media owners – notably upscale magazines like Time and Fortune or niche television stations such as CNN, BBC World and The Discovery Channel – are too narrowly targeted to be picked up in general media surveys. For many years, they have relied on the Ipsos Affluent Survey to help them market and sell their medium to advertisers and media agencies
For media agencies and their clients, the Affluent Survey is often the only way they can target key consumers in certain business sectors which are dominated by the affluent. These include airlines, hotels, luxury car manufacturers and financial services providers.

A client, spending ~$2M locally, was considering the reduction of allocation to TV within its media mix. Results from a MediaTIPs study suggested that the past media allocation of the ~$2M was not optimal and that reducing overall TV spend would negatively impact the brand’s key objectives of Brand Awareness and Understanding.