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The leading shared survey vehicle. Fast, cost-effective with a robust representative sample. Also available in DIY Assisted-DIY mode.

Ideal for reliable and regular turnaround studies of 1 question through to 10-minutes: topical polling, gauging reactions on big issues, market activities, pre-post evaluation, market sizing, target profiling, usage and attitudes, and concept tests – for local and global research requirements.

As a global market research provider, Ipsos online Omnibus services are designed to help solve your business challenges and meet your needs in terms of speed, representative samples, geographical coverage and price. Omnibus is ideal for target profiling, market sizing, calibration, political polls, multi-country projects, multi-waves, pre and post evaluation, alternatives screening, and for gauging quick reactions to topical issues or market events. Omnibus delivers fast answers to your burning questions and enables you to make decisions based on consumer input, rather than on guesstimates, without jeopardising your speed to market.

Australia - Nationally representative sample of 1,000 adults.

New Zealand – Nationally representative sample of 500 adults

Also available in over 100 markets within Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe, North America and Latin America.

Results delivery

Results generally available after within 7 days.

Our Solution

Benefits when using the Ipsos Omnibus:

  • speed of turnaround;
  • ability to use visual / audio-visual stimulus material;
  • opportunity to analyse results using extensive classification information;
  • assurance and confidence in data quality;
  • international data collection;
  • support from a team of experts who already overcome many of the potential pitfalls in research.
  • A DIY version is now available in Australia, with pricing that starts from AU$500 per question.