Ipsos Update

Ipsos Update - January 2019

The first Ipsos Update of 2019 highlights recent reports on people’s (mis)perceptions of reality, global security and food. It also features new white papers on trust in media, human curation in an AI world and how technology is disrupting the customer experience.

In media we trust? How our views of the media are changing

While chants of “fake news” ring out around the world, this paper asks is there really a crisis of trust in the media?

Ipsos House: The ideal arena for uncovering the truth behind human behaviour

Three case studies from Ipsos House showcase the opportunities for investigating human responses, motivations and behaviour offered by the research facility.

Ipsos Update - December 2018

December’s edition features global reports on local infrastructure, entrepreneurialism and connected health as well as new papers on AI and corporate reputation, communication strategies and Black Friday. And to mark the end of the year, we highlight the key Ipsos polls, reports and white papers of…

YouthView: Understanding risk behaviours for meningitis among young people

While meningococcal meningitis is relatively uncommon, it is unpredictable, may progress very rapidly and can lead to death in as little as 24 hours of first symptoms.<sup>1,2</sup> According to one study, the bacteria that can cause the disease are carried asymptomatically in the…

The Behavioural Science of CPG: Disrupting the customer experience

One of the most important developments facing brands today is how digital technology is fundamentally changing customer behaviour and decision-making. This paper introduces five 'Mind Economy' trends to suggest how consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands can achieve growth in this reality.

Human Curation in an AI world

Human curation is more important than ever in an age of ‘Infobesity’ as it offers qualities that are not replicable by AI. We show how a fusion of AI synthesis and strategic human curation can help to drive business impact.

Ipsos Update - November 2018

November’s edition of Ipsos Update includes two new editions of Flair on Brazil and Russia, our latest white paper on the future of mobility, features on healthcare and the media consumption of business executives, alongside the latest ‘nation brand’ rankings.

Connected Health Trends 2018

Connected Health: moving in the right direction.

The Future of Mobility - Shared Mobility

The third in The Future of Mobility series, Shared Mobility looks at the rise and development of car-sharing and ride-sharing.