Customer & Employee Relationships: Ipsos Loyalty

Ipsos Loyalty specializes in all matters relating to measuring, managing and improving customer relationships and employee engagement. We help our clients manage the experiences they deliver in a way that maximizes the value of both customers and employees to their organization.

Enterprise Feedback Management Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) collects customer feedback and combines it with all related data – from social media to operational metrics - to provide insight and predictive analysis tailored to the individuals in your organization. Read more
Customer Journey Mapping Ipsos captures detailed customer experience 'moments' throughout a specified journey to create maps that overlay attitudes and behavior. These maps guide customer experience improvement and provide direction for revised design of ongoing tracking studies. Read more
Customer Relationship Measurement and Management Customer relationship programs evaluate the overall brand relationship strength and identify which parts of the overall customer experience need to be improved and which will provide the greatest return on investment. Read more
Mystery Shopping Ipsos' Mystery Shopping provides companies with in-the-moment feedback on their service delivery, helping them drive improvement across all customer touchpoints. Read more
Customer Experience and Quality Measurement for Automotive Ipsos offers deep-dive customer experience surveys and benchmark studies for automotive clients. Read more
Employee Engagement An engaged workforce is a key driver of any successful transformation. Ipsos teams design programs that assess, benchmark and develop the level of engagement of your people. Our difference? We go beyond results and deliver meaningful insights and activation solutions that foster sustainable performance. Read more
Leadership & Organisational culture Leadership is the accelerating factor of any successful transformation. Our solutions help design an inspiring and relevant leadership style and then align and empower your managers. Organisations change while culture remains. We also support you in developing a consistent and inclusive organizational culture that enables the transformation of your organisation. Read more