[WEBINAR] CHATS 2021: Canadians Retreat to At-home Havens

Without a doubt, the unique environmental circumstances of 2020 have impacted the rhythm of our daily eating patterns.  The changes are widespread and include shifts in when we eat, where we eat, who we eat with, how we source items and how we prepare what we consume.  Most notable are the evolving needs and priorities that shape our consumption choices.

Today, it is a business imperative to acknowledge and, even better to anticipate, how these changes will influence and shape Canadians’ food and beverage choices both in the near term and long term.

To find sustainable growth and innovation that sticks, businesses need to challenge traditional norms to determine how these shifts could be harnessed for positive growth or future innovation rather than simply reacting to their force.

Join Ipsos for a complimentary webinar to hear highlights from the 7th edition of our annual consumption habits and attitudinal trends report, Canada CHATS 2021.

Why attend? Quite simply put, now more than ever, Trends Matter.

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Speakers :

  • Kathy Perrotta, Vice President, Canada, Marketing Strategy & Understanding-Research