[WEBINAR] CHATS 2022: Evolving Consumption Trends in the Midst of a Pandemic

Challenging societal forces amidst the backdrop of a global pandemic continue to impact daily eating and drinking decisions. These factors have, once again, eventuated in another disruptive year for consumers and businesses alike. While predicting the future is challenging, identifying the trends that make it possible to anticipate what’s next is necessary.

Join Ipsos’ Kathy Perrotta for a complimentary webinar as she provides an overview of insights mined from this year’s edition of our annual consumption habits and attitudinal trends report, Canada CHATS 2022 released on December 1st, 2021. Expect to hear more about:

  • 4-Phases of the Pandemic Consumption Journey: Eating patterns, beliefs and perceptions have changed in each of the 4-phases of the pandemic consumption journey defined by consumer outlook and confidence together with movement restrictions. 
  • Home Habits Continue to Shape Daily Habits: The importance of the sizeable ‘at-home’ population and their impact on future consumption habits, meal preparation/baking activities and shopping behaviours cannot be understated. 
  • Re-igniting the Out of Home Experience: The slow return to Foodservice is marked by rising weekly visit incidence but how will operators from each channel re-gain lost traffic and dollars. We will also touch on how delivery growth has been impacted by consumers looking to return to dine-in activities.
  • Contemporary Health 2022: Consumers continue to re-prioritize varying aspects of their personalized quest for health and wellness with a rising focus on emotional well-being and a return to specialized eating regimes. 
  • Evolving Values: Motivations driving choices in the current pandemic phase have resulted in an increased demand for the three E’s, experience, exploration and entertainment. What is driving choices of your products and your competitors?
  • Daypart Highlights: Evaluate how needs, food and beverage choices, preparation habits, situational dynamics and shopping behaviour have evolved at Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snack occasions when compared to the pre-pandemic period.

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Speakers :

  • Kathy Perrotta, Vice President, Canada, Market Strategy & Understanding – Research

Consumer & Shopper