CMA Webinar RECORDING: Business Casing CX + Defining ROI

The financial impact of the pandemic has increased pressure on organizations to reduce costs, drive efficiency, shorten speed to market and improve sales, all while attracting and retaining top talent. Organizations are already experiencing increased scrutiny on short- and long-term investments with ROI as a core requirement, but the vast majority of organizations do not have a clear and consistent way of quantifying the ROI of CX. 

With limited investment dollars, CX leaders need to quantify the business benefit of CX initiatives. If you can clearly link your CX to business outcomes, then your ROI will show how you are changing and growing the business -- not just how you are improving your Net Promoter Score (NPS). Converting CX metrics into actual customer numbers and bottom-line statistics that are consistent with how the rest of the organization operates will align your initiatives and enable short- and long-term business trade-off discussions. To continue to secure necessary resources (e.g. funding, technology, capacity), you must be able to prove that investing in CX drives revenue, reduces costs and/or reduces risk.

During this CMA webinar, Ipsos’ Lesley Haibach and will join a panel of experts to demonstrate how marketers can get started with developing their own CX program business case.

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If you missed the live session, please be sure to check out the on-demand recording here.

Speakers :

  • Lesley Haibach, EVP, Canada, Customer Experience

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