CRIC: The Future of Cross-Platform Audience Analytics

Audience measurement remains among the top marketing research services demanded by clients in North America according to the ESOMAR Global Market Research Report. The pandemic saw a surge in cross-platform media adoption, even as trust in media waned, as the pace and velocity of information (and misinformation) grew.

Join Ipsos’ Josh Cormie together with a panel of experts – in data, insights and analytics - to better understand the future of audience measurement from traditional channels to digital behaviours (active and passive).

The presenters will discuss the opportunities and challenges of cross-platform audience measurement as cross-platform viewing continues to soar. With the goal of improving advertising effectiveness, the presenters will discuss topics such as methodological innovation design, client objectives, product outcomes, targeting audiences and respondents, and maintaining and growing consumer bases.

To register now, please visit the CRIC website.

Speakers :

  • Josh Cormie, Executive Vice President, CA, Service Line Lead

Media & Brand communication