[WEBINAR] The Path Forward: The New Foodservice Landscape


With a special focus on the foodservice sector, our next Covid-19 The Path Forward webinar will help to inform your post Covid business recovery strategies. 

Join Ipsos for a complimentary webinar for insights gleaned from Vantage, our annual study of Canadian Foodservice Trends. The forward looking research observations are extracted from the Ipsos Foodservice Monitor (FSM), a syndicated program examining the Canadian market needs with market behaviour to offer its subscribers a 360 degree view of the out-of-home sourced foodservice experience.

Why is this session timely? A considerable amount has changed across all industries over the past week. Foodservice in particular has been hit hard by the current COVID-19 crisis. These actions are undoubtedly altering consumers behaviour. It will be critical for businesses to learn what is changing temporarily and which behaviours (and attitudes) might be altered more permanently. During this session we will provide an update on the impact the COVID-19 crisis has had on the Foodservice industry, in addition to providing line of sight on areas of growth in these challenging times.

From the prioritization of fresher products to demanding higher quality, authentic and global experiences, the evolving needs of Canadians are redefining the values driving change across the food and beverage industry. Learn about how you can implement and leverage these changes.

During this session, we discuss areas that are essential to surviving and moreover, thriving in foodservice today. We speak to the nature of permissible indulgence and the true state of hot topics such as digital delivery, plant based foods and the impact of cannabis. Are these truly changing forces in our industry or just hype? We have the Canadian data to validate this for you.

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For more on this topic, please read Asad’s recent article, Waking Up to Foodservice.


Speakers :

  • Asad Amin, Vice President, Canada, Marketing Strategy & Understanding-Research

  • Steve Levy, Ipsos Canada

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