What if we could stop racism? That is the topic of Ipsos’ panel discussion on Tuesday, September 20 [Green Diamond Stage | 11:55am].

This panel discussion will feature Ipsos’ Manuel Garcia-Garcia, Global Lead of Neuroscience, as moderator, together with Ipsos experts in ethnography, empathy and strategy, namely April Jeffries and Philip Ryan, sharing the stage with insights leaders from Mastercard and Bank of America. They will unveil research and insights that can deepen our understanding about the unique challenges faced by often marginalized communities, incorporating how the experiences from the past have informed today’s realities and views.

The world has changed, and a light has been shone on the history of systemic racism. Tragically, they have existed for too long, but the response – from both companies and consumers – is making history. People working in insights & foresight have a key role to play in helping the people within organizations to deepen their understanding of where we have been and to identify where we go next. Ipsos is taking big steps in the right direction with multiple initiatives. Read more about our thought leadership in this area here.
For more event details, or to join us at ESOMAR, please click here.

Speakers :

  • Manuel Garcia-Garcia, PhD, Global Lead Neuroscience, Global Science Organization, Ipsos, USA

  • April Jeffries, President of Ethnographic and Immersive Research, Ipsos, USA

  • Jana Delancey, Mastercard, USA

  • Philip Ryan, Partner & Global Innovation Lead, Ipsos Strategy3, USA

  • Tina Cheng, Merill Lynch Bank of America, USA