[WEBINAR] Navigating Brand Growth in the Moment

Don’t get caught off guard – ensure you are managing your brand health in real time, pivoting and responding to how people are experiencing your brand in the moment. By integrating AI-empowered social intelligence with your KPIs, you can avoid blind spots, receive early alerts around brand performance, get notified if competitors are gaining pace, and more.

Join us for a live demo. We will glean in-the-moment brand insights using Brand Signals to illustrate how we are harnessing social media together with survey data to show how this leads to richer context and enhanced insight to power brand growth.  

  • The importance of social media and brand health tracking survey data in driving brand growth;
  • How our social framework can enhance your brand health tracking findings and unearth new insights;
  • Sharing Brand Signals in action with case studies and examples.

Who should attend? Everyone concerned about their brand performance.

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Speakers :

  • Mark Modeski, Vice President, Ipsos

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