[WEBINAR] The Path Forward: Innovation During the Crisis

Join Ipsos for our next Covid-19 The Path Forward complimentary webinar featuring a wide-range of insights to help inform your business recovery strategies – today we focus on crisis-specific innovation best practices. 

Many clients have asked us what they should be focusing on, or doing differently by way of innovation efforts, during these challenging times. Is it even appropriate to progress product-oriented innovations in the near term? In this webinar we will explore key guiding principles for revisiting one’s existing pipeline, understanding evolved consumer tensions and other key considerations for driving successful innovations in this new world.  We will share what we’ve learned from innovation during past crises, as well as from countries who are ahead of Canada in the Covid journey.

Don’t miss your opportunity to hear more about:

  • Are consumers as open to innovations in crisis?
  • Do you need to revisit your pipeline in light of changing attitudes and behaviours? Where should you focus your efforts?
  • Should you be thinking any differently about success criteria for innovations in today’s new reality?
  • How should you approach forecasting sales potential for a new innovation with there being so many unknowns in the midterm?

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Speakers :

  • Kelly Becker, Senior Vice President, Canada, Innovation

  • Mieka Burns, Vice President, Marketing at Campbell Soup Canada