[WEBINAR] What’s Next: Future Consumption Trends in Canada

Change may be constant, but the speed at which it happens is not. The rate of change has increased exponentially, particularly since the onset of the global pandemic crisis. Businesses must adapt at a faster rate to maintain relevance.

As Canadians begin to slowly transition from managing harsh pandemic restrictions to social and economic recovery, the data is clear, our cumulative pandemic experience has had a profound impact on consumption habits, beliefs and perceptions. Rapid shifts have impacted what we consume, where we gather, who is present, how we are sourcing and planning and cooking and baking behaviours, to name a few. Additionally, functional and emotional needs driving our food, beverage and beverage alcohol choices have shifted.

Given changes in routines and habits relative to the pre-pandemic period, how will category/brand consumption rates change? What signals will be most predictive to future scenario simulations? How can you activate against these signals? How can you preserve gains or reverse declines?

Ipsos quantitative behavioral forecasts accompanied by 3 scenario simulations predict specific future outcomes, like future cereal or wine consumption. This research can be used in strategy development, operating plans, category management or to address the ‘age old’ retailer question, what is going to happen in 6 months, a year or two years.

To set the context for the period of transition, join us for a complimentary webinar as we share shifts in consumption behaviours that have impacted decision-making processes versus the pre-pandemic period. Specifically, we will walk through 2 futurecasting business case studies that address:

  1. Future behaviours that will stick
  2. Looking to the future of Foodservice coffee

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Speakers :

  • Asad Amin, Vice President, Canada, Marketing Strategy & Understanding-Research

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