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Ipsos experts are presenting throughout the conference.

Date Time Session 2019 AAPOR Papers Authors/Presenters
16-May 3:30 PM Poster Session 1 Fully Bayesian MRP to Forecast Elections: Challenges and Lessons Learned Alexa DiBenedetto, Luke Vaicunas, Robert Petrin
16-May 3:30 PM Poster Session 1 Intracycle Reporting and Small Area Analysis in Tracking Survey Studies Marcus Maher, Alan Roshwalb, Robert Petrin
16-May 3:30 PM Poster Session 1 Let's Keep These Tables Under Control: Controlling Type 1 Errors in Cross Tabulations Atisha Amin, Marcus Maher
16-May 3:30 PM Poster Session 1 Evaluating How We Ask Gender in Surveys: Staying Relevant in a Changing World Jennifer Berg, Willow Kreutzer, Jocelyn Duran, Janine Beekman, Julia Clark
16-May 3:30 PM Poster Session 1 Cleaning the Corners: Effects of Data Cleaning on Bias for Sub-groups Yifei Liu, Randall K. Thomas, Fances Barlas, Nicole Neuenschwander
16-May 4:30 PM Election Polling: Assessing Modes, Old and New Parallel Worlds?: Concurrent Probability-based Statewide Election Polling Using Online and RDD Methodologies Lopes, Bonner, Thomas, Rodkin, Parcell, Dyckman
17-May 10:00 AM Effocient Weighting Methods for Population Inference Designing Studies for Use with MRP Robert Petrin, Alexa DiBenedetto, Luke Vaicunas
17-May 10:00 AM Session C Beyond "I Do" Countervailing Narratives Around LGBT Acceptance Tony Foleno, Janine Beekman, Rachell Reeder, Robert Petrin, Megan Weber
17-May 8:00 AM 360 Evaluation of Online Panels Practical Guidelines for Nonprobability Sample Surveys Using Online Opt-in Panels Barlas, Fahimi, Thomas
17-May 4:15 PM Attrition and Conditioning in Survey Panels Untangling the Effects of Panel Conditioning and Panel Attrition Barlas, Fahimi, Thomas, Tang
17-May 8:00 AM 360 Evaluation of Online Panels Is it Time to Reassess the Concept of Probability-Based Sampling and Focus on Sample Representation?: Comparisons of Probability and Nonprobability Samples Fahimi, Tang, Barlas
17-May 10:00 AM Pushing the Envelope: Finding Better Ways to Measure in Surveys Is There Only One NPS?: Promoting a Better Measure of Company Effectiveness Neuenschwander, Thomas
17-May 4:15 PM What You See is What You Get: Visualizing Responses to Surveys Numerics for Scales: Does It All Add Up? Thomas & Barlas
17-May 8:00 AM 360 Evaluation of Online Panels Finding Polaris: Using Empirical Indicators to Evaluate Sample Quality Thomas & Barlas
17-May 10:00 AM Partisanship, Ideology, and Consumer Confidence Party Line: An Investigation of the Linearity of Party ID Tully, Thomas, Barlas
17-May 8:00 AM Incentives and Their Consequences Show me the money! Using targeted monetary incentives to survey hard-to-reach populations Torongo, Chen, Rosas, Sahm
17-May 3:15 PM Poster Session 2 You’ve got mail: The impact of hand-written letters on survey response. Torongo
18-May 12:45 PM Poster Session 3 Ranking Performance -- Big Change with Little Movements Alexa DiBenedetto, Alan Roshwalb, Robert Petrin
18-May 3:30 PM Election Forecasting, Modeling, Polling and Weighting Using Unstructured Data during Elections: Moving Towards a Full Spectrum Approach to Election Forecasting Jackson, Polyak, Newall, DiBenedetto
18-May 8:00 AM It’s Not #TimesUp for #MeToo Revising the Rules: Shifts in Public Opinion Around the Rise of #MeToo Jackson, Newall, Beekman, Weber
18-May 12:45 PM Poster Session 3 Optimal Sampling Methodology for Online Panels Maciel, Chan, Barlas, Fahimi
18-May 12:45 PM Poster Session 3 To Wait or not to Wait?: The Return on Investment of Extending the Survey Field Period Chan, Maciel, Barlas, Fahimi
18-May 10:00 AM Developing Questions on Opioids and Substance Use Better Impressions: Social Desirability, Sample Type, and Self-reported Substance Use Giles, Barlas, Romberg, Bennett, & Hair
18-May 10:00 AM Trust and Theory: Deep Thoughts on the State of Survey Research Rethinking Response Rate Calculations for Probability-based Samples from Online Panels Fahimi, Barlas
18-May 12:45 PM Poster Session 3 Guiding Light: Political Attitudes, Party Identification, and Vote Choice McPetrie, Thomas, Tully
19-May 9:15 AM Is That Your Final Answer? Understanding Response Options in Surveys Banking on New Response Formats for Mobile-friendly Surveys Neuenschwander, Thomas, Barlas
19-May 9:15 AM Likely Voters, Turnout and the Horse Race Tuning In and Turning Out: Survey Predictors of Voter Turnout Tully, McPetrie, Thomas, Barlas
19-May 11:05 AM Interviewing and Question Design Topics Clear Separation: Attitude Context and Evaluations Giles, Thomas, Liu


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