[WEBINAR] Behavioural Data in a Survey World

The modern digital path-to-purchase is increasingly complex, combining both mobile as well as desktop usage behaviours that cross multiple digital touchpoints, as well as search, social and review sites. Today, all brand champions need a clear understanding how their consumers use the digital environment to research products and services, and ultimately narrow their choices.

Passively tracking consumers activity on the computers and mobile devices is not only possible, it reveals a world of insights that were never available before. It can tell you what sites they visit, what news they consume, what they buy online, what their decision triggers are, how they behave differently on different devices. This information is essential in building a holistic digital marketing strategy, helping you optimize your SEO activities, better integrate social into your marketing plans, optimize your digital assets, and ultimately rethink your entire digital strategy.

Join us for a complimentary webinar as we revisit a real-life case study where Ipsos tracked the online path-to-purchase of potential visitors to the State of Virginia. If you missed our October 23 presentation, this is your opportunity to learn how passive data helped our client rethink its digital strategy, and come away with a few tips for better understanding your own consumer’s digital behaviours.

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Speakers :

  • Michael Rodenburgh, Executive Vice President, Canada

Customer experience