ICCS Webinar: Business First 2019

Ipsos is pleased to be participating in a webinar by the Institute for Citizen-Centred Service sharing the results of its study, Business First 2019.

Business First 2019 is the latest study in the research series, previously entitled Taking Care of Business, that examines Canadian businesses' perceptions of government services. In line with the earlier iterations, this latest wave of the research looks in detail at:

  • service reputation
  • client experience and expectations
  • top priorities for service improvement
  • channel usage
  • digital service delivery

Designed to assist service executives and managers, this study aims to offer new insights and recommendations to improve the quality of service delivery across various service areas. Following the presentation will be a Q&A session providing attendees with an opportunity to ask questions and submit comments.

To register, please visit the ICCS website.

Speakers :

  • Marina Gilson, Director, Canada, Public Affairs