[WEBINAR] Canadian Snacking Nation 2018

Snacking continues to be a dominant force in the renovation of Canadian eating patterns. In fact, two-thirds of our daily eating and drinking occasions throughout the day occur as a snack.

Given the breadth and voraciousness of snacking, there is no doubt that this phenomenon is complex and often difficult to describe. It is precisely because this occasion is such an elusive and evolving concept, that ongoing investigation of consumers’ needs, behaviours and situations driving item choice is required to bring coherence to our ‘in-betweening’ habits.

Join us for a complimentary webinar featuring data sourced from the Ipsos FIVE Canadian Snacking Nation 2018 report released in June of this year. In this year’s Webinar, we will address:

  • Emerging Snacking Trends
  • The Snacking Daypart Landscape
  • Family Snacking
  • The Mindful Approach to Snacking

Snacking information and insights from the report are coalesced from the Ipsos FIVE consumption tracking study. FIVE is a daily diary tracking eating and drinking behaviour across all categories, dayparts and venues among 20,000 individuals annually. We also capture attitudes, situational dynamics, health statuses and purchase habits driving item choice at snacking dating back to 2013.

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Speakers :

  • Kathy Perrotta, Vice President, Canada, MSU Research

Consumer & Shopper