[WEBINAR] Consumption Trends in Canada

Join Ipsos for a complimentary webinar for insights gleaned from CHATS, our annual study of Canadian Consumption Habits and Attitudinal Trends.

How Canadians eat and drink continues to evolve. This should not be surprising given the acceleration of change that surrounds us in our daily lives. As the widely-held view that we are time-starved and over-scheduled persists, the requirement to adhere to healthy lifestyle guidelines endures. Decisions about what we eat, when we eat and where we source our foods and beverages is often driven by demands for healthy, convenient and trustworthy solutions. Today, it is a business imperative to acknowledge and, even better to anticipate, how these evolving needs, consumption habits and situational dynamics will shape Canadians’ food and beverage choices in the near term and long term. To win consumers hearts, minds and dollars, businesses need to continually challenge traditional norms to determine how these shifts could be harnessed for positive growth or future innovation rather than simply reacting to their force.

In this webinar, we’ll provide a high level overview of trends and insights revealed in this year’s report, including:

  1. Examining Needstates driving choices and preparation dynamics by Daypart:
       • Breakfast – Still the Most Important Meal of the Day
       • Lunch – Lunch Boxes not just for Kids Anymore
       • Dinner – New Dinner Solutions Emerge
       • Snacking – ‘In-Betweening’ Remains a Robust Behaviour
  2. Exploring Edible Ethics and Emerging Food Movements including Food Waste Sustainable Packaging, Organic Explosion, Responsible Farming, Vegetarianism, Healthy Eating/Drinking Index Indicator and Clean Labeling
  3. Exploring 5 W’s Driving Rise of Small Brands
  4. Investigation of the Impact of Shrinking Household Sizes in Canada
  5. Breaking Bad – Disruption of Eating Routines

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Speakers :

  • Kathy Perrotta, Vice President, Canada, Ipsos Marketing

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