[WEBINAR] The Future of CX for L&G: 5 Key Ingredients

The way in which companies do business is changing rapidly. Providing a customer experience that delivers on an organization’s brand promise is the new battleground for consumer loyalty, advocacy and share of wallet. Organizations have invested a lot of effort into making their processes more efficient. Yet beyond meeting a customer’s functional needs, customer experience needs to create a positive emotional response and memories that drive brand desire. Understanding human motivations is critical over time in leading to stronger brand perceptions and profitable relationships. Using the psychology of human relationships, Ipsos’ research on research, has led to a framework to help organizations understand how to grow strong relationships with customers.

Join us for a complimentary webinar during which we will share the 5 key ingredients to growing strong customer relationships, and how the Lottery & Gaming world can apply these principles to their own businesses.

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Speakers :

  • Paul Lauzon, Senior Vice President, Canada, Market Strategy & Understanding-Research

  • Lesley Haibach, Senior Vice President, Canada, Customer Experience

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