MRIA Conference & Gala Awards

Ipsos is delighted to be a sponsor of Canada’s premier marketing research industry conference being held in Vancouver in June. This year, several of our experts will be sharing case studies illustrating the business impact of research insight. Be sure not to miss:

On June 11 @1pm (Waddington Room), Ipsos’ Julie Christine Marchand will co-present with Destination Canada a case study on developing impactful messages: Driving Canada’s Desirability. In particular, they will focus on the process that Destination Canada and Ipsos employed to identify messaging strategies for various target audiences and how the research was utilized by marketing teams and ad agencies for tactical execution.

On June 11 @2pm (Vancouver Island Room), Jason Allsopp, VP with Ipsos, and BCLC’s Ryan Persaud will share their experience Defining the Client-Vendor Partnership. BCLC and Ipsos have been partnering on research for many years, spanning the breadth of all types of research. A rich partnership like this affords smarter marketing decisions – and we’ll tell you why!

On June 11 @3pm (Saturna Room), Ipsos’ Michael Rodenburgh together with Rocky Mountaineer will discuss the brand impact of driving service excellence during their presentation, On-Time Departure to On-Time Insights. Just like the importance of making sure the train arrives on schedule, Rocky Mountaineer and Ipsos have partnered to ensure that insights are delivered in a “just-in-time” framework. These insights, based on a program of on-going interviewing throughout the season, ensures that Rocky Mountaineer has the latest insights to drive continuous improvement in service levels. 

On June 12 @3pm (Vancouver Island Room), Lesley Haibach and Heidi Wilson of Ipsos will help you minimize the customer effort ratio during their presentation, Your Customers are Working Too Hard. Customer effort has received a lot of consideration in the last few years, with many organizations measuring the CES (Customer Effort Score) based on the amount of effort customers put into handling a request. Following a negative incident or complaint, companies have an opportunity to intervene, and can reduce the Customer Effort with well-timed interventions.  Keeping all customers happy at all times is costly and unrealistic, so what can an organization do to find the right balance?  Join us to find ways to optimize effort scores by learning how to prioritize and manage customer interventions. 

And be sure to join us at the Gala Awards dinner Monday evening where our industry’s best and brightest will be recognized for their achievements.

For conference and registration details, please visit the MRIA website.

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