[EVENT] NASPL Professional Development Seminar

Join Ipsos lottery & gaming experts for two insightful presentations at this year’s NASPL professional development conference.

On July 25 (at 10:00am), Ipsos’ Jason Allsopp will be discussing the Trials and Tribulations of Estimating eGaming Market Size.

Sizing the eGaming market in any state or provincial jurisdiction should be easy, right?  After all, if it is not run or regulated by a state or provincial agency, it doesn’t currently exist, right? At Ipsos, we have been measuring eGaming markets since 2005 when we conducted our first syndicated study on this topic. Since then, we have conducted several national, jurisdictional, and omnibus studies for numerous clients.  We have learned a great deal about how to ask questions about players of different types of eGaming activities.  We have learned that just because a regulated agency decides to ‘open up shop’ in its own jurisdiction, one should not assume that the regulated form of gaming will capture all the eGaming revenues being spent in that jurisdiction.  However, additional insights include understanding the areas where regulated entities are missing out and how they can attract the grey market players.  What is the gap between the regulated entities’ offer and the grey market offer? During this session, Jason will share some of these learnings with the audience.

On July  27th (at 1:20pm), join Ipsos’ Paul Lauzon for a talk about the future of Online Sampling – Evolution and Realities.

Conducting quantitative research using the Internet as a mode of data collection has in recent years become mainstream for several reasons when compared to traditional telephone methodologies.  Some of these key reasons include reduced costs, faster turn-around, ability to show visuals, and lower termination rates.  The Internet or online data collection industry in North American has been mainly founded upon the creation of online research panels i.e. databases of potential respondents who have agreed to voluntarily join a panel to be occasionally selected to answer surveys. 

The market research industry in North America has always had limitations with respect to reaching low incidence and/or high ‘in-demand’ demographic groups such as males in general, young males and females, and with respect to the Lottery industry, low game incidence players.  The industry is also fast approaching another limitation with respect to online research panels as a sample source in general as panel sizes have not grown significantly in the past decade as a proportion of the general population.  Thus, online research panels are being taxed excessively to meet growing demands for market research.  The days of the single ‘big panel’ may be numbered.

The future of online sampling lies in integrating real time sampling with state of the art routing technology as part of our overall online sample blend approach. Ipsos, a pioneer in this area, will showcase the latest statistics and case studies using river sampling to establish this approach as a reliable and dependable sample source.

For conference details, please visit the NASPL website.

Speakers :

  • Paul Lauzon, Senior Vice President, Canada, Ipsos Marketing

  • Jason Allsopp, Vice President, CA, Ipsos Marketing

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