Restaurants Canada SHOW

Ipsos is delighted to be taking part in the foodservice and hospitality event of the year. Subject matter experts from the quick service, fast casual and independent/full-service sectors will take part in panel discussions about how they've overcome challenges and their strategies for reviving their businesses. Don’t miss out hearing Ipsos’ Asad Amin share his vast foodservice industry research expertise during the following sessions:

Restaurants Canada's State of the Industry: Future Trends and Demographics
Monday, May 9 / 10:15AM
An annual favourite, Restaurants Canada’s Senior Economist Chris Elliott is joined by Ipsos’ Asad Amin and other research experts sharing the data they have been collecting and analyzing throughout the year to gain an in-depth understanding of where our industry is headed. Interpreting the latest consumer and sales trends, will provide a deeper understanding of what these market behaviours mean for your business planning. Don’t miss this provocative and insightful industry outlook.

Look Who's Coming to Dinner: Industry Demographics and Consumer Data
Monday, May 9 / 2:30PM
To say that we are all functioning within a new state of operation is an understatement of grand proportions. Now that the dust is settling, what is left and how has it impacted the everyday consumer? How do we support each other in order to rebuild? Where does consumer confidence sit? What are the trends that will help us revitalize and thrive? Listen in as Asad Amin joins an in-depth discussion on what consumer expectations are in the new normal with insights and new approaches on how to meet them.

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Want more foodservice research insights? Join us on May 19th.

Speakers :

  • Asad Amin

    Asad Amin, Senior Vice President, Canada, Marketing Strategy & Understanding-Research

Consumer & Shopper