[RECORDING] thinkTV Ad Nation 2020

As advertisers we pride ourselves on staying on top of the latest trends and keeping up with the newest gadgets and offerings. But what if those technological and culturally forward behaviours are skewing our perceptions about how Canadians use and perceive different media? How accurate are your assumptions about Canadians’ media usage?

That’s what Ad Nation 2020 set out to discover. An update of the 2017 study of the same name, last month Ipsos asked Canadians about their media usage and attitudes towards advertising. We then posed those same questions to members of the advertising community, while also asking them to state how they thought the Canadian public would respond.

The results may surprise you.

Missed hearing Ipsos’ Steve Levy illustrate just how different the advertising and media communities are from the rest of Canada, and how those differences skew our assumptions of general media usage? View the recorded webinar now. Or read highlights here.

Speakers :

  • Steve Levy, Ipsos Canada

Media & Brand communication