[WEBINAR] Stop Wasting your Money on Customer Journey Mapping

Have you ever watched the popular show “Undercover Boss”? With 100s of episodes in 15 countries, the scenes are acted out with a saddening level of consistency. The “Boss” is disguised as a front-line staffer and lands in a company location to experience the real customer experience. Nearly immediately, mayhem ensues. One thing becomes obvious to all involved, including the Boss and entertained viewers: the actual customer experience is nowhere near what those in headquarters had hoped. Ultimately the disguise is removed, there are heartfelt moments, and the Boss pledges to support the front line. Problems are resolved, and yet the show continues with new episodes every week. What is going wrong?

On June 27th, we’ll cover that and more during our next complimentary webinar.

Simply put, the answer lies in focusing LESS on mapping current customer experiences and MORE on designing and delivering the ideal customer experience. Join us to discover why using design thinking principles and applied behavioral science, Ideal Customer Experience (ICE for short) is a comprehensive proven approach to bridging the gap between knowing and doing. With ICE, you can ensure every frontline employee knows how to, and is empowered to, deliver the experience customers are seeking.

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