[WEBINAR] Thumbing Through the Noise

Are consumers paying attention to your ads? 

The onslaught of media options available to consumers has changed the way advertising works; consumers are less likely to just sit back and wait for marketers to shout their brand messages at them. They seek out the content and messages they want to hear. In this new economy, attention is the currency of choice.

Ipsos has recently conducted ground breaking-research to understand what factors contribute to the breakthrough of advertising, and how those factors vary across various touchpoints. We have developed learning and insights from this research to help advertisers and marketers understand how they can maximize their effectiveness in today’s digital ecosystem.

Join us for a complimentary webinar as we share insights gained from our recent research examining the efficacy of TV, digital and in-app advertising, and what we learned about what drives attention.

Register today. Space is limited.

Speakers :

  • Michael Rodenburgh, Executive Vice President, Canada
    Ipsos Marketing

  • Ross Hugessen, SVP, Brand Health Tracking

Consumer & Shopper