Food for Thought: Recent shifts identify new opportunities

Ipsos explores daily tracking data of individual consumers’ eating and drinking habits, attitudes and item choices both at home and away from home.

The author(s)
  • Kathy Perrotta Vice President, Canada, Market Strategy & Understanding – Research
  • Asad Amin SVP, Head of Syndicated Solutions
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Featuring insights from Ipsos’ food and beverage trackers including CHATS and FIVE, Kathy Perrotta and Asad Amin explore shifts in eating routines and offers tips for targeting lucrative cohorts.

  • Cracking the modest income shopper code. Read more about why, as grocers seek to provide value to all shoppers, it's important to understand how to target those with modest incomes.
  • Ready for lunch? In Kathy's latest article, she references new insights about the growth of Grab & Go solutions.
  • What's in a label? Discover the impact of new front of package labels have on Canadians’ c-store buying decisions.
  • Guess who's coming to dinner? In his latest article, Asad references recent research from the Ipsos Foodservice Monitor illustrating new dining habits and behaviours across all meal-times (not just dinner).
  • Selling summer: sharing research data, Kathy discusses why the food and beverage industry needs to make it easy for Canadian consumers to satisfy their warm weather cravings.
  • Competing for dollars. As consumers' dining habit shift (again) what does it mean for convenience stores? Kathy shares recent data from the Ipsos Foodservice Monitor’s (FSM) daily tracking study.
  • Shifting Priorities: Three big insights on how Canadians are approaching healthy eating. In Kathy's latest Canadian Grocer article, she explores how consumers often view their health choices as an extension of their values and beliefs. 
  • Snacking habits present growth opportunities: Research shows consumers’ pandemic-related snacking habits continue to evolve, which means is good news for c-stores and manufacturers. Get more insights by revisiting our on demand webinar here.
  • Conscious consumerism in convenience: The chaos and uncertainty brought-on by our cumulative pandemic experience over the past 20-months, necessitates food and beverage manufacturers and retailers to re-evaluate decades-long paradigms, to keep up with the shifting habits and priorities of a more conscious, “non-binary” consumer.
  • Enter the transition era focuses on new research insights to illustrate how Canadians are slowly shifting back to 'normal' and the opportunities that exist for brands.
  • Conscious consumption: Offering Canadians convenience without compromise is a keynote presentation by Kathy at the 2021 Star Women in Convenience Awards. Kathy outlines key macro trends shaping consumers' consumption choices and examines how retailers and their partners can be inspired and empowered to better meet the needs, wants and values of their customers as a framework for growth.
  • What About Lunch? Breakfast and dinner have been winners over the course of the pandemic—but what’s happening with the mid-day meal, and what’s the opportunity? In this article, Kathy explores what the research is telling us.
  • Back to traditional meal routines: Over the past five years, traditional eating patterns centered around the classic concept of "three square meals a day" had slowly eroded in favour of more frequent meals and snacks throughout the day. Shifts away from the classic meal consumption culture were born from a confluence of evolving needs and dietary preferences, increasing time pressures and competing commitments, highlighting the transformation of modern-day lifestyle dynamics.
  • Are you ready for the new kids on the block? While the pandemic experience has prompted change across the generations, it potentially stands to have the biggest long-term effect on activities and attitudes of Gen Z consumers, now aged 11 to 24 years old or those born between 1997 and 2008 (though that definition may vary slightly depending on who you ask). The cohort currently represents almost 20% of the Canadian population.

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The author(s)
  • Kathy Perrotta Vice President, Canada, Market Strategy & Understanding – Research
  • Asad Amin SVP, Head of Syndicated Solutions

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