Syndicated Studies

Ipsos offers a suite of syndicated studies, covering a broad range of topics, sectors, industries and trends. Syndicated studies provide a cost effective method of getting top level research results and findings.

Client context

In a syndicated study, results are shared among a specified group of study subscribers. Each subscriber will receive a comprehensive report on the findings of their particular subject of interest.

Depending on cost, availability and timeframe, many of our syndicated studies allow subscribers to include proprietary questions in the survey. All findings and information related to these questions are confidential and are only available to sponsoring subscribers.

Review our syndicated study offerings and contact your Ipsos representative for more information on subscription.

Our solutions

Ipsos UU Conversations

With Conversations, a unique qualitative syndicated research program focused on specific population segments, we provide marketers a deeper understanding of each segment. Each wave seeks to intimately evaluate who they are, what they value, their attitudes and beliefs, plus examine behaviours across a range of categories.

Contact: Serra Shular


Ipsos’ FIVE provides an accurate and unparalleled view of the food and beverage landscape that drives growth by delivering “One Source of Consumption Truth”.

FIVE’s daily tracking captures consumption behaviour and attitudes from over 20,000 individual consumers annually. This robust sample, coupled with the experience and expertise of the FIVE Team, ensures that key business issues are addressed with actionable insights to help our clients uncover and capitalize on opportunities to grow their businesses.

Contact: Kathy Perrotta

ACT: Alcohol Consumption Tracker

ACT is subscribed to by market leaders in the Beer, Wine, Spirits, Cider, Cooler and Pre-mixed Cocktail categories towards gaining expanded insight into the consumption behaviour of Canadians.

It provides occasion-based insight at both a macro and micro level typically not cost-feasible with a proprietary study. Relevant for Beverage Alcohol makers, distributors and retailers alike.

We syndicate the research design, data collection & status reporting for subscribers… and produce custom analysis and presentations, as well as allow proprietary questions to be added to the study.

Contact: John Mohler

Atlantic Consumer Monitor

A comprehensive view of the Atlantic Canadian consumer – covering all the latest trends in technology, retail, advertising, media and lifestyle

Atlantic Consumer Monitor will provide subscribers a comprehensive view of digital technology use and adoption, retail shopping patterns, media (traditional and new) consumption, as well as living and lifestyle trends among consumers in the region.

Contact: Heather Shuve

Canadians and Financial Advice

The Canadians & Financial Advice Report 2016 is one of a series of reports since 2001 focusing on financial advice and the advisory channel in Canada. Other syndicated financial studies offered by Ipsos include the Canadian Financial Monitor, Full Service Brokerage, and Online Brokerage.

Contact: Elisabeth Garmaise

The Canadian Business Traveller Study

The Canadian Business Traveller Report is must-have research for anyone in the business travel sector. The syndicated study is the acknowledged report card of frequent business travellers — a traveller who takes six or more round trip flights for business per annum.

Contact: David Ouellet

Case studies

Be sure to catch the most important information: Our consumer electronics client wanted to conduct a U&A study that would truly answer what they “needed to know” and skip the “Nice to know”. At the first stage, we conducted desk research and social listening to help identify the knowledge gaps within our client’s organization. We then implemented a mobile survey to gather deeper market understanding and build on the hypotheses of the first stage. The survey was then followed by a Pop-Up Community to deep dive into the most relevant consumer needs. Instead of a single survey, this approach enabled our client to “connect the dots”. The client has already introduced several high-potential ideas thanks to the iterative nature of this approach.

Who is behind the needs? A food manufacturer wanted to conduct a Segmentation study to gain an understanding of occasion-based need states. We ran a study that helped him understand different consumer needs in the growing snacking market. Armed with this information, the client was able to link the company’s current portfolio to relevant areas and to identify a “playground” for new snacking ideas.

Identify opportunities: We used Market Structure to help a beverages client to understand the positioning of their categories in the beverages landscape. We delivered a perceptual map (including possible substitution and adjacent categories) that helped the client to identify white spaces and a long-term innovation pipeline.