Social Intelligence & Text Analytics

The rich wealth of unstructured and unrequested data on social media offers critical input to your brand’s story. Ipsos’ healthcare-focused Social Intelligence & Text Analytics offering, powered by Synthesio’s leading technology, unlocks the opportunities within unstructured data, bringing you unparalleled insights into authentic patient experiences and perceptions.

Our modular and flexible Social Intelligence & Text Analytics offering amplifies your understanding of patient conversations, drivers and behavior online. Our unique three-layered solution:

  • Provides social data and data visualization through an interactive dashboard, allowing digital marketing to monitor KPIs in real time
  • Enables a deep dive into perceived market structure, brand positioning, perceptions and associations – all the insights teams need to measure and monitor relative strengths of their brands
  • Offers text analytics, based on state-of-the-art AI algorithms, tailored to work with medical and pharma-specific terminology
  • Offers an automatic adverse event reporting capability, powered by the latest deep learning algorithms
  • Leverages the latest AI, paired with human intelligence, turning analysis into insights – and insights into a story, created by our expert healthcare research teams

By uncovering the true power of the patient voice through Social Intelligence & Text Analytics, you can be sure to fuel smart, data-driven decisions across your organization.

To take you further along on your journey, our experts would be delighted to discuss supporting your strategies. Please contact Whitney Wells, Head of Digital Innovation, Healthcare, Ipsos, or Matt MacInnes, Director, Synthesio.