Enterprise Feedback Management

Leverage Enterprise Feedback Management to stay ahead of the competition

Leaders are constantly seeking new ways to drive customer centricity throughout their organizations.

Time-starved customers are less and less willing to provide feedback in traditional ways. Venture capitalists are funding specialist software companies with hundreds of millions of dollars to address company and customer needs alike under the name of enterprise feedback management, or EFM.

Yet even with this mounting popularity, confusion about what EFM is and how it is different from traditional customer research is hindering deployment and real business success.

Ipsos EFM Seminar:

At a recent client seminar in Hong Kong, Senior Ipsos Loyalty leaders discussed how to make customer feedback an integral aid in the growth of brands, customer experience and most importantly, organisations’ bottom line:

Opening Address
Ralf Ganzenmueller, CEO – Ipsos Loyalty
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“Where’s the Magic Number?” Customer Experience Measurement and Management
Roger Sant, Global Head of Client Solutions – Ipsos Loyalty
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What is EFM and What Does it Mean for Your Organisation?
John Carroll III, Global Head of Customer Experience – Ipsos Loyalty
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