Bringing Life to life: Ipsos UU
Bringing Life to life: Ipsos UU


Applife is Ipsos proprietary app using mobile for qualitative research.

Client context

How to better understand your consumers through exploratory research?

  • Engaging with consumers wherever they may be.
  • Using consumers’ own mobile devices to collect rich data combining text, emotion, location and pictures.
  • Combine with detailed online diaries or questionnaires to dive deeper into behavior and attitudes.

How to better understand your consumers in live events?

  • Taking full advantage of the mobile phone as a real-time research device.
  • With contextual questions to understand the event experience.


Applife is fully designed for qualitative research: it allows text, photos, video, GPS geolocalisation.

During the interview:

  • The moderator can probe participant responses
  • Participants can interact with each other and with the moderator
  • All involved stakeholders at client side can view all activity in the app real-time

Case studies

A leader in FMCG wanted to understand the consumption of make up in several countries. To answer this question, Ipsos proposed to use AppLife. This made it possible for women to take pictures and videos… everytime they wanted to makeup.