MEDIApuls is leading tool for media planning and advertising analysis (simulation and post-evaluation of advertising campaigns) for non-TV media. 
Project started in 2004 and for last 10 years is market standard for non-TV media research in Croatia. MEDIApuls includes research data for non-TV media consumption and monitoring of advertising expenditure (AdEx) for all media types.  

AdEx monitoring includes:

  • TV data - Nielsen TV advertising data is imported in database
  • Print - monitoring of advertising in around 50 newspapers and magazines
  • Radio - recently developed system for radio monitoring using voice recognition technology
  • Outdoor – cooperation with main outdoor providers
  • Internet – from January 2018. MEDIApuls provides data on Internet AdEx which is gathered thru sitecentric monitoring, developed by Ipsos Croatia and DotMetrics

Media consumption includes:

  • Print readership
  • Radio listenership
  • Internet usage and basic web media analytics

Data colection method is CATI (30% from mobile networks), 87 respondents daily, sample is multi-stratified od 4 levels – gender, age, region, education
MEDIApuls is exclusively media project and the questionnaire includes only questions about media consumption.
All data is accesible online for registered users, thru MEDIApuls aplication (


Mediapuls app

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