Face to Face in home and central location (CAPI)

Our global network of 19,500 Face to Face interviewers delivers CAPI services (Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing). We undertake 10 million interviews each year in more than 110+ countries. Ipsos provides a full suite of in person interviewing services including data collection using random probability sampling.

Client context

You need to have access to data in many different countries at the same time?
You want fast, cost-effective answers to your business questions?
You want to have reliable data provided by a neutral market research agency?


The Ipsos difference comes through globally defined and locally implemented training courses for interviewers across a range of general topics (respondent engagement, optimised interviewer techniques, etc.) through to specialisations such as product testing.

We can access respondents at home, in places or work, on transport, in central locations, and via street or mall intercepts. Our global reach and extensive in-market networks allow us to reach niche sample groups not contactable by other means.

We are currently leading the industry with the global deployment of iField, a fully integrated scripting and field management platform that enables full control and visibility of fieldwork at sample point level. In addition, there is an integrated quality module enabling continuous GPS tracking, voice recording, real time data checking and interview timing. iField not only helps us deliver better data, faster, to our clients; it also allows us to record video, audio and take photographs as part of the interview process, enriching the insights we collect.

The iField innovative solution allows Ipsos to bridge the digital and concrete actual environment, enabling a joined-up perspective on what consumers are doing.

It is very strong for multi-country projects as every country uses the same system, the same business process, and the same quality standards.

Case studies

Ipsos Field & Delivery service remains in collecting and delivering high quality data whether this is a Consumer or Business audience. It is these skills which leave us uniquely placed to work with clients across all industry sectors to provide them with the facts and figures required.